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It is said that how you live your life influences your art. Ever since I learned this, I made it my life’s mission to surround myself with art, VIRTUOSITY, and creativity. For as long as I can remember my passion has been painting. It has been my dream to become a professional artist ceaselessly exploring, interacting, and learning from the experiences and culture around me.

Art came to me when I was a 5-year-old child, PLAYING WITH MUD but my art style did not come easy to me. I struggled throughout my teenage years trying to figure out what my calling is. While completing high school, I got enrolled at an art academy for 2 years AND THEN JOINED ‘College of Art’ and completed my 4-year graduation IN FINE ARTS.


On completing my studies, I WORKED AT an INDIA and UK-based media production company as a Creative & Art Director for 2 years and curated various art projects. I also built sets and furniture for various PROJECTS.

While completing my bachelor’s degree, I practiced different styles but did not find much inspiration until I learned about the modern Italian art movement, Spatialism. The artist Lucio Fontana inspired me and it was a moment of eureka as I found my direction. He founded Spatialism in Milan in 1947 in which he intended to synthesize color, sound, space, movement, and time into a new form of art. Once I read about him, his art, and his fascination with space I realized that I wasn’t meant for anything but abstract expressionism and contemporary art. His theory made me want to work on something different through multimedia exploration and cross-cultural sharing.

Born and brought up in India, I explored as much as I could about Indian art and culture. Inspired by Fontana’s theory, I AM WORKING ON cultivatING my identity as an artist so as to fully implement life experiences gleaned from self-exploration and reflection while being fully dedicated to creating highly artistic and visually driven communication which would allow me to extend any simple execution into an emotive piece.

My work focuses on experiential execution that can trigger human emotion. I value how conceptual art is fully interconnected with an expression of philosophy – providing an intellectual foundation. My paintings capture the emotion and essence of tradition with their rich language of expressive marks and abstracted forms.

Having studied Spatialism and about Fontana, I learned that he was close friends with Yves Klein, a French artist. This made me learn about Art Informel, a pictorial movement including all the abstract and gestural tendencies which developed in France that inspired my art as well. Calligraphic lines together with the textures and vivid colors suggest underlying energy and feeling, composing an insightful psychological image of the subject in my paintings.

Abstraction lets me tap into my intuition and inventiveness, and work in a more spontaneous manner. Once I noticed the tremendous power that images can have to make people comfortable or uncomfortable, happy or sad, settled or unsettled, I knew I had a voice. I imbue my artwork with strong emotions and leave room for individual narratives. Art where the viewer can complete the story in their mind.

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